Friday, August 16, 2013

Cook County News Herald Correction

In today's Cook County News Herald article entitled "County board moving closer to finding administrator", Reporter Jane Howard inaccurately reported my words and my intentions:

Howard reported "Commissioner Sue Hakes said she wanted to see all 36 resumes because she was curious and because she wanted the board to be able to throw out any applicants they might know and have disqualifying information about."

This is 180 degrees opposite of what I actually said:

I said "Personally, I'm going to weigh heavily on what you (David Unmacht) determine to be the top 11 or so that go into the matrix.  However, I'd like to see all 36 just on the outside chance that there is someone out there that one of us knows that doesn't, for some reason, make the cut and we have different information about that person."

Ms. Howard's rewording was exactly the opposite of what I said resulting in a gross mischaracterizing of my statement.  For accurate information about the County Board's discussion on any issue, view the video at Boreal.TV.

When any newspaper paraphrases something said in a public meeting--as opposed to quoting the speaker as indicated by quotation marks--please take it with the grain of salt and investigate further.

I appreciate greatly that 36 people took the time to apply for the job of Cook County Administrator. My actions at the Board meeting were to ensure that each and every one of those candidates gets every consideration they deserve and that nobody is overlooked.