Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Cook County Community Center Meetings

Two meetings regarding the Community Center were held today.  Here are the HANDOUTS for those of you unable to attend.

The first meeting was a Joint Meeting of the Cook County Board, ISD166 School Board, Grand Marais City Council, and the Community Center Steering Committee.  A review of the conceptual plan and budget was done.  Concerns and questions were discussed and overall the group moved forward.  This meeting will be available for viewing in its entirety at Boreal.TV.
Today's second meeting was held this evening in the JMCC at ISD166.  I didn't count the attendees, but I suspect there were more than 30.  Community Center Steering Committee Chair Paul Sporn chaired the meeting.  He was supported by Beth Schwarz (School Superintendent), Wade Cole (ORB), and Chris Francis (YMCA).  A lot of good questions were asked and addressed.  Feedback regarding the specifics of the concept presented were noted and will be discussed at tomorrow morning's meeting of the Community Center Steering Committee.