Monday, June 27, 2011

Possible State Government Shutdown Information

This just in from the Association of MN Counties Executive Director Jeff Spartz...

Executive Director’s Notes
By Jeff Spartz, AMC Executive Director

Negotiations continue between the governor and legislative leadership.  Rumor has it, that they’re now talking about some additional revenues to close the gap between the two parties. The rumor mongers are not clear about which revenue devices would be tapped to make a budget deal fall into place.
Another of the rumors circulating around the Capitol is that there is an agreement to legislate a “lights-on-bill” as the global deal develops.  My sense of this is that the governor will not agree to a temporary “lights-on-bill” until he is certain that a budget is firmly agreed to in principle with only details to be worked out.
Ramsey County Judge Gearin is expected to rule momentarily (probably Tuesday) on the proposal to keep critical functions of state government operating.  I would expect her ruling no later than tomorrow so that there’s at least a modest window of time for an appeal to the Supreme Court (and there will be at least one appeal).